We sent all three of our children to North Beach Kids, so we have known China and Lace for over 10 years and can honestly say that we have no idea what we would have done without them. Our children absolutely adore the teachers at NBK and still posess much of the knowledge, games, songs, manners, and friends that they recived during their formitive years at North Beach Kids.  


The love is the attribute that sticks out the most to us, as the warm, fun-loving staff treats each child as a family member and let them know how truly loved and special they are.

Blair and Tom Spoole

North Beach Kids became our family when we first moved to San Francisco, not knowing many people, nor knowing much about the neighborhood, and definitely not knowing the school situation in San Francisco.  China  took my 3 year old into the North Beach Kids' family, and introduced me to the principal at a local middle school for my 1st grader - all within two weeks before school started.  


Every morning my daughter is greeted with warmth and hugs, and every evening she talks about what she did that day, the games and art projects they created, and most importantly, the friends that she can't wait to see the next day.  As a single mom, North Beach Kids is everything that I could have hoped for and more.  I know my daughter is with family when i go to work all day, and I know that she is having a great time playing, learning, and making lasting memories. 

Elizabeth Conley

Testimonials from some of our parents:



North Beach Kids (NBK) has been a neighborhood institution in North Beach since 2004, with more than 250 children learning and growing through the program in the school’s tenure.  

North Beach Kids is about growth and development in a nurturing, safe environment.  We welcome all children regardless of race, religion, creed or national origin.  We like to treat each child as an individual and aid them in their daily decision making.  We are here to assist in their growth and  provide each child every possibility to explore and experience new things. 


Emphasis is on enjoying the environment, indoors and outdoors, by exploring a variety of activities within the limits established by the teaching staff. Planned experiences enable the children to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically using their natural abilities, interests and temperaments to develop positive feelings about themselves and their world. 


Our Staff

China Halton opened North Beach Kids’ doors in September of 2004, at 1901 Stockton Street as an in-home daycare with eight children ranging in ages 2-5 years old. In the summer of 2009, Lace Halton joined her sister China, followed by the incomparable Katy Krumpholz in 2011 where they have worked side by side by side, each bringing their individual talents and dedication, while complimenting each other to give their students the best care and tutelage possible. In 2010, after much pleading and polite demand from the neighborhood parents, the sisters opened a preschool one block away.  Lace continued as the Director and of the day school (North Beach Kids Too!), while China served as the Director and Katie as Head Teacher of the new preschool.  A majority of the children, upon graduating from Lace’s day school program, would then advance to China’s preschool.  The familiarity with the schools’ surroundings, routines, and teachers, allows the children to strive through socialization in a warm "family-like" environment, while also learning and developing their cognitive skills.


NBK staff do not just stop with their involvement with their students when they leave our program.  We help the families with their important "next step" in the education process and work with local organizations and schools to find the “right fit” for the children as they continue their education.  We collaborate closely with the Principals, Directors, and educators of the local pre-k and kinder programs, and our staff are knowledgeable of alternative schools in San Francisco that would fit the needs of the individual child and family. 


Another benefit of North Beach being such a tight, caring community is that the children and families always visit and continue to be a part of NBK.  The love and care that is embodied into the curriculum at North Beach Kids is apparent when you meet the children and families that have been touched by the teachers and program.  It is not just a school, but a family that is part of a neighborhood, that is part of a community, that is part of San Francisco.

If you would like to schedule a visit or find out more information about our day school program (ages 18 months and up) please email Lace Halton at lacehalton@gmail.com or call (415) 509-0571.


Call Us: 415.350.9213   /   north_beach_kids@yahoo.com  /  724 Lombard Street, Street San Francisco, CA  94133